International Women’s Day

Remembering International Women's Day means more than taking 24 hours to honor the women who surround you. This day comes every year in an entire month of days as a reminder why the significance of women in the world should be upheld and recognized every day of the year. Understanding the purpose behind the feminist movement, which has been alive for decades, gives this day meaning to me. As a feminist, I believe my role is to contribute to the equality of all members of a minority society. If we fight for one movement, we should fight for all movements. Even as the first woman suffrage law was passed in 1869, this only marked the beginning of progress and struggle for the future of women as they continued to fight for their rights. And while we are here, let's give a quick definition of feminism for those who have a hard time accepting it:

– the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
– organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests

So these opinions that you hear from people like Anne Coulter, Kellyanne Conway, Piers Morgan, etc., can all be considered as fear-mongering elitist beliefs that classify equality as "too much" for an entire gender to be granted. If asked, they often can't even define feminism. Without understanding what something even means, they try eliminating it by falsely accusing it of attempting superiority. They might also say that we are already equal. That somehow, we have all the rights that we need to support our political, economic, and social interests. These are just alternative facts that disqualify the many efforts to attain these rights. So, anti-feminists, let's discuss what it means for you to be threatened by any of ideas of equality as we use this day to amplify our voices.

Let's break this down:

America would rather protect their white male privilege and vote for a slanderous tyrant with no political experience as their President than have a qualified woman working towards progression for all members of society to rule the "free" world.

Women are paid on average 20 cents less per dollar earned by their male peers. The argument, with no credibility, is that women are weaker, softer, and less hardworking as a gender. The proof, with credibility, is that women outnumber men in the workforce and those in leadership roles have supported successful companies. On top of less pay, women pay more for hygienic and necessity items including haircuts, bath products, razors, pads and tampons, birth control, doctors, etc. Apparently the female gender is a threat to the male workforce and is punished by less pay for equal work.

We could define the social inequality of women for days. Probably even years. In fact, there could be a new act of social inequality towards women every single day for eternity and without having to repeat the same story once. According to male leadership in America, women should look beautiful all the time. But not too beautiful, because that's being a slut. And if a man wants to assault you sexually, it's probably because of what you looked like. Women's social life is constantly governed by the actions of men, and men are constantly threatened by the social presence of women. Women are not here for your pleasure.

All of these are reasons why it is so important to remember International Women's Day more than just once a year, because it affects us all year.

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