Achieving Museum Diversity – Presented May 2018
Information and Human Rights, Pratt Institute
This project was created from an in-depth study of the influence of gentrification of museums in leadership, collections, and communities. The case study reveals that diversity is seldom achieved with a predominately white leadership and does not function as a public institution without including diverse voices and giving them equity through funding, presentation, and proper language. The goal of this project was to create a call to action in holding cultural institutions accountable for representing culture in all public and private accounts by highlighting the successful efforts of museums championing inclusivity with diverse communities and representing equity in all objects. This project was presented at the Pratt School of Information #infoshow as a poster and part of a more developed case study and paper.

George Tames: New York Times Photographer – Published May 2018
Projects in Digital Archives, Pratt Institute
Under the instruction of Dr. Anthony Cocciolo, students in Projects in Digital Archives planned and participated in the digitization of George Tames photography from the New York Times and created a digital archive that explores the themes and presentation of the photographs in American history. My role was invested in the selection, development, and publication of the digital archive using Omeka. Selected images, narratives, and Omeka plugins and features made the site unique to the New York Times and the George Tames collection. 

Languages in Libraries – Published December 2016
Information Technologies, Pratt Institute
This project was created based on research in cultural institutions and their formal use of information technologies to advance their mission. As part of a group study, we chose to study the use of information technologies in museums and libraries and how they can overcome challenges in foreign language collections. My contribution to the study focused on user experience in cataloging for cultural institutions.

Website Basics – HTML & CSS coding – Published to the web October 2016
Information Technologies, Pratt Institute
This website demonstrated HTML and CSS skills learned in Information Technologies taught by Dr. Monica Maceli. This website consists of four HTML pages and one CSS style sheet.

Museums and Digital Cultures Blog – Continuous publications August 2016 – December 2016
Museums and Digital Culture, Pratt Institute
While studying at Pratt Institute, I maintained an informal, educational blog that was used for the purpose of sharing ideas on school readings and museum site visits. These readings were part of my curriculum for Museums and Digital Culture taught by Sara Devine, Manager of Audience Engagement at Brooklyn Museum.

object / subject – temporary exhibition and publication – Published April 2016 curatorial and publication project
object / subject was a limited engagement art show, organized in conjunction with Kit and Ace that featured four artists in the communication of new media and the perception of viewership. The goal was to involve viewers in critical interactions of advanced methods of object perception so that they can explore the the influences of new media. To accompany the experience of the exhibition, a publication featuring text and artist discourse. I acted as the writer, researcher, developer, designer and curator of the publication and exhibition. Stephen Petrey was the designer and developer of the webpage.